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Stealth amps


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August 12, 2007
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05 F150
I'm making my eX as secure as i can to left nothing to does mother ####er that steal the things that take us a lot of work to get. I'm changing everything of place to make almost impossible to reach unless you know the step to get it.

I had my amps under my seats, they cant be seen from outside, but once inside it was really easy to just steal then, so i decided to move to some place safer, and this is the work i did.

I put then under the back compartment of the trunk:


Also i install some piezo horns to make my alarm louder, i'll install 4 more inside and another 6 tone horn outside, with horn hock installed to.


I hide the wires that you cant see any of then:


Install to computer fans in push/pull config to move the air inside, i'll upgrade for some thermaltake later.


The mounting of the amps:




The tools and lot more outside :P


The final product:



Now you can see then:



When i build the box for the Type R, the stealth will be complete, the box will be make to fit exactly under the trunk cover, the box will be tight to seats be some steel cables and look, that way the only way to move the box is to have the keys of the looks, so if you cant move the box you cant get to the amps.

The sub itself will be secure by t-Nuts and security screws, that way it will not take my sub either in case they break in.

The alarm will be move from the place it is a hidden somewhere in the eX with a back up battery, that way no matter that the disconnect the main battery, and with all my horns make noise, they most have to leave my truck alone.

Hope this help someone.

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Those move a lot of air, i had one of those in a previews installation i had in my other car and was really nice, but to use those now i'll have to modify the air vents again, and that was a PITA to do, it was the dardest part.

Melted plastic is not fun. :D

How many CFM does that pull? surplus center has 12 V fans that pull 100cfm (single fan) that are 4-4.5" square (couple different models).. for <$6.

They also have a 4 fan assembly that pulls 400cfm that is around 21 x 5"... for <$20

I've bought from them before (I have their catalog).. they have good prices sometimes..

4 fan assembly.

One of the 12 VDC 100cfm (99) fans.


I need 80mm fans, is a little hard to find some that moves lot of air, and i dont want to go bigger, but i'll see what i can do.