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Steeda New Product Release: Steeda F-150/Explorer Pro-Flow Blow-Off Valve Adapter (2011-2019)


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October 2, 2019
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Pompano Beach, FL
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2019 Ford Explorer Sport
Hello All:

We are pleased to announce the release of our Steeda F-150/Explorer Pro-Flow Blow-Off Valve Adapter (2011-2019)!

Engineered to bolt right in, the Steeda F-150/Explorer blow off valve adapter will give your truck or SUV that blow-off valve sound that everyone is familiar with. That sound you hear is when excess pressure is released into the atmosphere. No tuning or modification is required!

Unmatched Quality. Steeda CNC machines the blow-off valve adaptors in-house out of Aerospace grade billet aluminum to provide you with amazing fitment and finish.
Product Benefits:
  • Converts factory recirculation valve
  • Made from billet aluminum
  • Bolt-in design
  • Installed in 30 minutes
  • No tuning or modifications necessary
  • Vents to atmosphere
Check out the product here - Steeda F-150/Explorer Pro-Flow Blow-Off Valve Adapter (2011-2019) 555 3227 - Steeda Autosports

Video to come!


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September 12, 2019
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2017 Explorer Sport
So would these perform the same way? I tried the hose disconnect vta mod and noticed they bleed off boost a lot under non wot load such as going up a hill or bridge, which ultimately made me hook them back up stock.