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Steeda vs Explorer Express Sway Bars

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June 20, 2002
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Which one is better Explorer Express sway bars or the Steeda Sway bars. Could anyone tell me the thickness of each and all that. Thanks in advance.

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Go with the EE swaybars.... John V. is always ready to help and always treats members here with first class service...

EE swaybar specs down the page.

A lot of people can attest how good the EE SB are but very few has the Steeda SB to compare.

Thats cool i need some measurments of them i know there is a Steeda Explorer guy on here oh and i hear Saleen sway bars are suppose to be good can i get measurements on all three.

Explorer Express

One look at the EE sway bar and you'll know which one to get. Much larger diameter, and SOLID. EEs is far superior.

I had both EE and Saleen and EE is better.

I have the Steeda ones, you dont want them, they arent thick at all compared to the EE ones.... The Steeda ones are actually a Ford part that was re-labeled. I dont know what vehicle the part is ment to be used on but the bottom line is you dont want it. Hope this helps!

the steeda ones i had where new i have them around some where i will check ok. and i have EE laying around as well.

Oh ok thanks alot guys i needed to know before i made a mistake. Yeah blk mk8 i would really be thankfull if you could tell me the difference in thickness with the two.