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Steering clicking/popping on 93 EB


April 23, 2011
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Chino CA
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1993 Eddie Bauer
It usually happens a bit more whenever im like backing out of a parking spot or something, whenever i turn the wheel, i hear a clicking or popping sound coming from somewhere in the steering (obviously.) It's a repeating sound that the more i turn the wheel, the more it happens. I can also feel it a little bit in the steering wheel itself. I'm not really planning on fixing anything until it breaks, but any advice on what it could be is appreciated. OH and its also happened a few times when I've hit the brakes? I have no idea what it could be..any help is appreciated :)

I have the same exact thing going on too, I only hear it when I back up an turn the wheel to the right. Not really sure what it is but it doesn't bother me too bad.... still would like to know as well. I think it might either be the radius arm bushing or a bad ball joint...

Ya that it could be. I'm not too worried since im gonna be tearing into it soon when I left it so im alright until something breaks..