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Steering problem


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September 3, 2000
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94 Explorer
My wifes 94 explorer has developed an intermitent steering problem. As she's driving along the steering wheel will suddenly jerk hard to the left and the steering becomes harder to steer. If she moves the wheel back and forth it resumes back to normal this may go a couple of days working fine and then it happens. What can cause this?

PS She took it to our local Sears and they said it was a problem with the " the rack and pinion steering" problem is our truck doesn't have rack and pinion steering.

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That`s a wierd story. Assuming everything is tight, fluid is good in your Power steering pump and your tires aren`t falling off or anything, then perhaps it has something to do with either the pump, or the steering box itself.

I would make sure everything is nice and tight, the steering components after the steering box and especially the connections from the steering wheel to steering box. There is a dust cover close to the steering box you can pop off to inspect the connection beneath it as well, it`s kind of a cheap flexible type connection who`s name escapes me right now.

Is there any noise when it gets harder to steer? that might indicate something is wrong with the pump..

Sit tight and hopefully someone else will have an idea...

-it`s not rack and pinion!

No there isn't any noise but I notice now theres a clunk coming from under the truck if you tap the break hard while going slow.I don't know if thats related or not.
I would hate to have to take this to the Ford "stealer".
But I'm new to the area and haven't found a good mechanic.

Help Is there someone here that might know whats wrong?

the clunk?

i had the same clunk in my truck when braking at slow speeds, so i changed the radius control arm bushings, they werent ripped or broken or nothing but they got soft and they we just not doing there job any more.

as for the steering

i have to go with the other guys with just making shure every thing is tight, then the only thing it could be really is the steering box, because i never herd of a pump to just stop working for no reason and then start back up again, and what just crossed my mind is that is all of your belts tight, i dont remember if there is more than one or not but its worth a check.