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Steering shaft replacement


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October 16, 2001
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1996 5.0
I'm having a problem with my steering where it will get real hard, almost like the pump went out, and it's also very jerky and not smooth. I don't think it's the pump as it is making no noise at all. My sheering shaft does have a lot of play however. I'm thinking the u-joint is getting bound up.

I searched for a DIY on how to replace this and found none. How hard is this on a V8?

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It is a bit "tricky" and frustrating, but not difficult.

Look down at the bottom of the shaft where it attaches, and you'll see a pinch bolt. Turn the wheel until that bolt head points toward the front of the truck, and you should be able to get a socket on an extension up in there. You "might" want to use a swivel attachment, held a bit tighter with some masking tape. The bolt needs to come all the way out,it holds the shaft sort of like the upper ball joint bolt in the front suspension.

The upper bolt is no problem, and once it is removed the shaft telescopes together for removal.

IN there are some pictures, note the bottom hole for re alignment is keyed and will only go back on one way

OH, be sure to lock the steering wheel, once the shaft is removed the steering wheel could rotate freely and damage the clock spring.

OK looks pretty straight forward. However I can't find one of these anywhere! Is the junkyard my best option?