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Steering wheel rattling when hitting Good size bumps


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April 27, 2001
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Stearing wheel rattling when hitting Good size bumps

When I go over good size bumps or pot holes it feels like there is metal hitting and vibrating in my steering wheel. The steering wheel is not loose and everything seems solid except for when my front end goes over the bump.

Any Ideas????????

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I know what ails you!

If you take off the cover you will find this big lead weight under there. It is fastened with 3 rubber grommet type connectors. I bet you one of yours is broken and it is rattling around.

I had the exact thing, and it was driving me nuts, it seemed like the column was loose somewhere.
I could find no reason for this weight to even be there, so I followed someone elses lead and ripped it off and threw it away!

ps you could always glue it in place or try to get a new grommet or two.

On the back side of the actual steering wheel there should be two bolts, remove them. Then pry the center piece of your steering wheel off. Its a good idea to disconnect the battery first so your horn doesn't go all crazy. Once you get this cover off you will see the problem right away.

Mine fell halfway off a year ago when I hit a pothole on a road in the middle of no where. I drove so frickin carefully the remaining 2 hour drive cause I was sure there was something majorly screwed up in the steering. I took mine off and left it off too. Actually, I tried to reatatch it first, but it fell off again a week later...

ever find out what it is for??

I found no explanation, what about you Chris?