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Steering Wheel Shake


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April 27, 2012
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2003 Ford Explorer Ltd
Hey guys hows it going my mechanic last week balanced my tires which all showed 0 once he was done he had clip ons before but I notice I kept losing a balance so my mechanic finally put the weight on adhesive balance.

When I'm driving at about 100 to 110km I can feel a little shake in the steering wheel but mind you it doesn't happen all the way it comes and goes a bit I can't figure it out if it's a pavement issue or no?

City driving steering wheel has no shake at all.

I can't figure it out if it's a balance issue or not so I thought I ask the pros at this point.

Also what is the best premium brake pads and rotors for the front my pads are at about 60% but I'm not liking how it's stopping rotors seem preety smooth so I thought I ask.

Thanks boys

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Was the shake there before you had them balanced? Is it worst after the balance? Perhaps the balancing machine was not calibrated or out of calibration and then your tires would be out of balance. Not sure how the clip on weights can come off since they are hammered on. Look at tires for cupping. Check your front bearings/hub and check for wobble. Also check the tie rod ends. Start with these items. Post back what you find.

Hey buddy before I had my tires changed I never had any issues with the balancing steering wheel was fine.

I'm having my mechanic this week check them all out again and see what the problem is also while he has the wheel off I'm going to have him check my brake pads and rotors plus the wheel hub bearing as well.

What brake pads and rotors would you put? I want premium quality with good stopping power and smooth rotors.

Last time I had tires balanced all 4 tires had no wheel play at all

What tie rod would you put if there bad I'm gonna have him check it out?

Thanks have a great day

What type of hub bearing would you recommend what brand?
Also brake pads and rotors what ones would you put for the front I want good stopping power and smooth rotors.

When he last checked the tires had no play at all super tight.

If its tie rod

What tie rods would you use incase that's the issue I'll have him check ball joint as well

I had the same issue for the last 6 weeks, had the tires balances 4 weeks ago, still shaking bad at high way speeds and would come and go. I havent driven it much in the last month because i have been out of town for work. Finally took it back to the shop yesterday and had them check it all out. They said the tires where balanced fine and there as another issue. I decided i wasnt going to have them check into it right now, i drove it home and it didnt shake. I took it out on the 4 lane highway and go it up to higher speeds on the same road it has shaken at before, it was smooth as glass. When i got back home i checked the wheels over good, sure enough there where fresh weights on the wheels. So my guess is they didnt balance them correctly the first time. I am taking it on a road trip this weekend so we will see how she drive, but i think it was all tire balance issue.

Thanks buddy for the reply I'm taking mine in on Wednesday to have it checked out

Hey Boys

Got back from the Mechanic today he checked balancing perfect 100%
He checked brakes in front & rotors perfect condition lots of PAD left
He checked Bearings no play at all 100%
He checked my TIE RODS on Rock Hard SOLID
He checked Drivers side upper balljoint it needs replacement a bit of play in it (Which is covered under warranty FREE)
He checked right side Passenger my UPPER BallJoint is out on that one as well have to pay for
Then he seen a leaking CV Boot thats on driverside its being replaced

Quotes me roughly $350.00
But has to call in and order parts told him I want lifetime warranty ones with greasable fittings which hes going to do

So there we go folks we know my problem now thats why im having a bit of a SHAKE @ 110KM

Got a 2nd opinion first mechanic was trying to rip me off

Found out my tires were all off balanced he rebalanced them free put the clip on ones

He checked my bearings my right hand bearing is SHOT

Driver side is FINE back bearings both good as well

Brakes I got about 60% PAD Left he measured it with this thing he has

My driver side upper balljoint boot is ripped a bit but its super tight no play but im replacing it

My CV Boot needs replaced which I ordered parts already for the balljoint with greasable fittings & lifetime warranty also the CV Boot has lifetime warranty as well.
Costed me 110.00

My mechanic is going to give me a quote tomorrow hes going to order the bearing but what wheel bearing would you guys recommend with ABS?

Please let me know I appreciate all the help

BTW No More Steering Wheel Shake

My passenger side balljoint had no play nothing wrong with it at all