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Steering Wheel Switch Cluster Display/14-way Connector on 2013 PIU


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October 8, 2018
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2021 Explorer Limited 4WD
Just got my 2013 PIU last week and have been busy doing some modification and repair jobs (the dealer did a messy job)

So here's the question, I read the Modifier Guide and it shows there is options to enable "Steering Wheel Switch Cluster Display" and it can be used combined with the 14 way connectors in the center stack. But it didn't shows the way to enable it, and neither the pinout of the connector. (It said "see I/P harness connector pinout 4S7T-14A4590YRA", but I have no idea where it is referring to).

Very last, if everything is answered above, I'd like to know the part number of the counter part of that 14-way harness so I can start some wiring.

Thanks ahead

To those who have access to the 2013 modifier guide, I'm talking about page 2-68 and 2-69.

I don't have the download address but I'm sure it's somewhere in the forum.

And just one more, I'm also looking how to enable the tire pressure monitor (the one that shows pressure of individual tire, if possible on the 2013).