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Step Bumper Hitch Box?

'04 Ranger XL 2wd - I have a lightweight motorcycle trailer (less than 1000lbs w/bike) that I towed w/an earlier vehicle. The Ranger has a step bumper tow pkg w/ball, but this tows the trailer w/ the 'nose' too high.

I have found a CURT 19030 hitch box that would appear to allow me to drop the ball to the proper height (approx 15" from deck).

Does anyone have any experience with this piece? I am not looking to add a frame hitch at this moment. There is a 8.5" version and a 10.5" one and I'd like any info on which is the correct one.

If there are any other recommendations for this application, I like to hear them. Thanks.


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February 11, 2009
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2006 Mercury Mountaineer
Looks reasonable. Just remember that even though this piece has a 500/5000 lbs rating, if you're bumper is only rated 3500, your limit is still 3500. Not a problem for your motorcycle trailer. But keep it in mind.

Etrailer has this item (Curt...same thing) for $51.95
I've ordered complete hitches and wiring kits from them. Very good service.

If you change your mind about the full-frame hitch, they have a class 3 for your truck for $151. Orders $150 or more get free shipping. This would certainly give you more options, and save you from having to get rid of the bumper mount in the future. Nearly as easy to install.


September 24, 2010
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05 eddie bauer
Just a thought here on those 2" receivers that bolt onto a step bumper. I once had an 89 mazda b2600 4x4 with one of those bolted to the rear bumper. It allowed me to use the sliders and vary the height of the ball which was good. BUT the first time I put some real tongue weight on it..the whole bumper rotated downward! NOT good. I suspect that the added length put much more leverage on the bumper. Instead of the ball sitting directly on the bumper, it will stick out probably close to a foot with the slider in place. Just my experience..don't know if I'd ever use one again. I'll probably stick with the frame mounted hitches.

Mounty 09

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March 5, 2007
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Find a local salvage yard and go pull one off. I got one for my Mountaineer for like $30. Well worth the little bit of extra work pulling it off.