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Stereo acting up a little.


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December 24, 2009
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97 XLT
The other day I got in my truck, and my stereo was dead. With the whole panel being easy to just pull out, I reached back, unplugged the plugs, and it powered right up. I thought it was fixed, til the next time I got in the truck - had to do it again. It's not the HUGEST hassle, I mean I'm glad it still works at least, but it's still a bit of a pain, since I also gotta adjust the EQ as well - everytime I get in.

I don't see how I could try and 'fix' this, but anyone know? There is a reset button on the back of the deck which I haven't tried yet, so we'll see. I guess I could upgrade, but I don't really have a need to. All I'm using the deck for is the Aux input, and it sounds decent on my door speakers.

Sounds like a loose connection that's being tightened whenever you plug it back up. maybe a new harness?

Without pulling the whole unit out and inspecting all of the wires, nothing can be verified.
But, it sounds like either the INPUT harness for your head unit is loose, or the primary/acc or ground wires are shorting out somewhere.

Totally forgot I made this post, just been dealing with this annoying problem since then. I definitely don't think it's a loose connection with the harness - it's a pain unplugging it everytime, cuz it takes a nice amount of force to do. And everytime I plug it back in, I feel it locking back in. I had a friend in the car tonight, and he mentioned the remote wire, and was sounding like he was sure that was it. Once the truck is started, it works fine - it has never stopped working while I was driving. But literally EVERY single time the engine goes off, it has to be done the next time it's started back up. Now if I remember correctly, I think I had the amp turn on wire connected to the power antenna wire. Does my friend's hypothesis sound legit?