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stereo problems


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December 7, 2008
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96 eddie bauer
hi, i'm having problems with my stereo in my X and i can't figure out whats wrong with it. So i figured i'd put it on here and see what advice i can get, i'm running:

My sub set up
- kenwood kac-9104d its 1800 watts max and at 2 ohms at 900 rms
- 2 kenwood kfc-w3011 its 1200 watts max and 400 rms
- 2.0 farad nitro cap and all 4 gauage wiring
- and its in a sealed box

My speaker set up
- 4 kenwood KFC-C6882iE its 240 watts max and 60 rms
- alpine 4 channel amp its 4x50 rms
- i got a new red top optima battery installed too

Thats my set up and my problem is that at high volumes my kenwood amp for my subs turns off and comes back on in a couple of seconds and goes of again in a couple of seconds. My cap reads 14.5 volts at low volumes and when cracked up it goes down to 10.4 volts, when my amp cuts out it goes back up to 14.5. Also at high volumes their a blue blinking led that goes off on the cap, im not sure what it means because theirs nothing in the manual about it. Any help would be great, thanks.