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Stic-o Cargo Storage Re-do.


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September 1, 2002
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So currently I have my e-track in the truck which works great, but I want to get a little more organized. With this comes storage boxes. I have used different large boxes in the past, and seen various wooded ones made. These have two issues. 1. They fall apart over time. 2. they can be a pain to get in and out of. So the answer is steel boxes. I'm getting a set of these 81mm ammo can, which are pretty rare these days...


I will mount the side by side in the cargo area, on some sort of sliding rail system to make easy access to tools and supply's. I'll then add to the cage by making a cross piece to support the 37" spare over these boxes.


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So I got some of this done today.. here are some pics.

1st pic- is one of the boxes all painted
2nd pic-you see I added the drawer slides and they work awesome!!!
3rd pic-you can get a idea of how will they will sit in the cargo area. they sit back farther, once the spare is removed. I will be using some pieces of angle to bolt to the floor, and the slides. Then I'll add a "X" to the cage over these for the spare to mount too. Should lower the CG back there some too;) E-tack will still be fully functional.


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Nice work Steve. Sometimes getting to your tools/parts is half the battle when you need them.

Looks good. Source of the boxes? :) They'd look good in my Heep!

source for the boxes..... Dad's garage! lol

Looks good. Source of the boxes? :) They'd look good in my Heep!

Unfortunately, the source IS my dads garage :( I looked everywhere for a set of these, and they are pretty much non-extant now. There was a place on the east coast but they we're pretty pricey. I think something like $50 a piece plus that much for shipping too. There is a newer style of these 81mm boxes, but they open standing up like a crayola box.

Dad had a set of the old style sitting on his shelf is his garage for years, and was nice enough to give them to me:thumbsup:

Made some progress on this yesterday;)


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..A couple quick questions..:scratch:

..Did you fasten those down and what is the red print on the cans?

The boxes have 100# drawer pulls bolted to them and the they bolt to a piece of 2x2 angle, that bolts to the cargo floor.

The red logo, is from Jurassic Park. INGEN (International Genetic Technologies, Inc.) is the genetics company from the Movie.

So far it works great, the passenger one I just need to play with, as it sticks a little when going back in. Only oter isse is I need to get some plasic clips or rubber hose to slide over the handles, because the knock around over every bump :rolleyes:

Here is one in action;)


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Awesome! We have a winner !

Where did you say you got the slides? can buy 220# slides on the internet through Amazon, but they are $60 for a set:eek: I paid under $40 for both sets at Lowes, and I figure I can upgrade later if needed. These are 24" slides.

So, it's been a while since these were installed, anything new to report? Still holding up to use-and-abuse? I'm trying to figure out plans for a storage system and really like how this goes together. Kudos!

They are still working great. I am working on a cool addition to them coming soon ;)

Oooh, looking forward to it! Did you ever upgrade the slides for more weight capacity, or are they handling loads well?