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Stic-o Class C RV. Say hello to Sunny🌞

Well it's been a long time coming (although probably not the best time with gas prices 😮‍💨)

We finally bought a Motorhome.

2018 Forest River Sunseeker on a E-450 chassis.

*V-10/ 6 -speed
*28' (which really means 30'🙄)
*2 slides Kitchen/living and rear bedroom
*Outdoor Kitchen/ TV
*Rear and side cameras
*Tons of upgrades

Bought from a private owner who runs a RV repair place in the OC, and this was there private unit that they factory ordered.

Her name was Sunny, which we plan to keep.


How does this rig do pulling JP on a trailer?

Powerwise it could be improved on grades. It kinda sucks. Going up cajon pass, the pedal was literally on the floor. But I had the same issue with just the Ranger behind it going up Monarch Pass. She'll hold at about 40 mph though.

The bigger issue is the rear sag, (2" even with the air bags maxed out) which is fixable with a rear spring upgrade, but the biggest of the issue is the rear frame. With JP or the Ranger on the trailer, it's too much tongue weight. I have a load leveling hitch that I haven't mastered yet, but there is hope. With too much tongue weight the rear frame is actually bending, where the rear basement doors bind when trying to open. 😳 Once the weight is removed they go back to normal, but not a good thing. I need to reinforce the rear frame, which I have plans to do, and already have the metal, just need to block out some time. This was the main reason why we ultimately decided to flat tow the Ranger. I will not tow the flatbed loaded behind it until I beef it up.