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Stic-o goes Electric. Mustang Mach-E GT

Ours will come to a stop, and start up again when traffic starts to move, but it will not stop itself at stop signs or red lights.
Ha it will if there's someone in front of yeah😉😉

Nice. I had a GT as well for a little while. I test drove the Select model and was underwhelmed but the GT was very fast, maybe even a hair faster than my 835hp R1T on all-terrains. I liked driving the car, and didn't consider it boring myself, the fact that you could stomp on it at any speed and it would pull away never got old. The part I hated about it was the blue cruise nag screens and alerts (overly conservative) and the UI was a cluste****. The android auto vs ford sync battle gave me a headache, and they lock you out of doing hardly anything while driving, including entering a navigation address or sometimes even changing the music! We got rid of it just because we didn't need the second car payment, but it was fun to have for a little while.