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Stic-o's F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab Lariat 4WD

That sucks man, fire is the worst. Hopefully it's similar to a car policy and could maybe be bought back and repaired if your up to it if it's not that bad.

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I don't even know what they do in this case....It's electrical, and there's defiantly something fried in there. Plus the whole thing has smoke damage now. You can't even breathe in there right now it's so bad. I don't see them replacing all the fabric stuff. This thing is 20 years don't just go down and order something off the shelf for it. We'll see what they say.:dunno:

Very true but it could of been 5 times worse. The truck could of been lost too or it could of happened at night while you were sleeping in it. I'm glad to hear you were just cleaning it and not using it.

There is a huge rv place out here that sells, services and repairs wrecked rvs. The place is about the size of 3 carmax stores. Not sure of the name but I'd bet there is a place near you you could source for parts or repairs. Upholstery can be redone fairly easily, it's all about if the structure and main guts are still worth fixing.

Since I haven't updated this in a while, I thought I should.

Camper went back to it's maker (Literally) and has been reborn again. Everything fixed and like new.

Took her out on our first camping trip in it in over a year. Good to have her back, only issue is it's starting to get a bit small for the family. But she is here to stay for now.

on a side note I'm getting a lot people loving the Navajo's plates on it right now:D


So with some somewhat sad news, We've outgrown this rig as a family, and will be putting it up for sale in the Spring. The entire rig is solid and I would not hesitate to drive it across the country right now. But the kids don't fit in the sleeping area anymore, and with my new Ranger on the way I really don't need two trucks. Plus we're planing to upgrade to a motorhome, in the next year or two. I know I'll regret this later on, but it's time to move on for now:(

If anyone is interested in this awesome set up let me know.

It happens, then they leave and you downsize. Springtime is a good time to go RV shopping. Whoever gets it will get a very good rig. Maybe Sarah should buy it off you because that sucker will pull a horse trailer no problem. But, only if you throw in my old square KC lights.

Funny enough I was thinking of pulling the LED's off for the Navajo. And putting the KC's back on it. Truck is easy to sell, I have to sell the camper first or as a complete package. Which I would think complete, because it's pretty well matched right now.

Ugh... this thing was not built for sitting in LA traffic commuting. 35's + 4.88+ 10 cly + 4 speed +traffic = 9mpg. Round trip for me is 60 miles...:frown:

Lucky this is only for a few weeks.

Can you take out a few spark plugs so you'll have a more fuel-efficient 6 cylinder?

I traded my V10 for a 7.3 and went from 10 mpg to 18 doing the same stuff.
I love the 7.3's

My truck is really purpose built. It doesn't really care if it's towing or empty. It gets pretty much the same mpg.

If I don't sell this with the camper, or for what I want, I'm going to swap out my SD axles I have for the Navajo. I return it back to 3.73's

It was time! Sad to see them go but also relief that you can move on