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Sticking Power Door & Removing door panel


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February 23, 2006
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Canton, MI
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I have a problem using my FOB to unlock the drivers door. It will unlock all of the doors, but the drivers door. Seems to jam up. You can see that it is trying to pop up, but it usually take about a dozen pushes of the FOB to get it to open. If you try the key, the lock seems to be froze up. If you use the door handle to get out, from the inside, usually have to pull on it half a dozen times or so to get the door to open. I was going to pull the door panel to check it out, but afraid of either braking one of the clips off on the door panel, or braking or cracking the door panel. Don't was to pay Ford dealer $88.00 just to look at it!!! :confused:

I am dealing with this same issue right now. Except I can't open my drivers door at all. The FOB wont open it, the keyhole doesnt work, and the inside drivers handle is cracked from me pulling on it so hard because it was jammed. So now I have to crawl through the passenger side (no easy task at 6'9").

I took the inside paneling out to see what I could do to temporarily fix it. Problem is that the space they give you to work on the inside workings of the door (motor and linkage) is very small. I am going to have to have someone with experience look at it....just not the dealer.