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Sticky PWR Door lock & removing door panel

:confused: I have a problem using my FOB to unlock the drivers door. It will unlock all of the doors, but the drivers door. Seems to jam up. You can see that it is trying to pop up, but it usually take about a dozen pushes of the FOB to get it to open. If you try the key, the lock seems to be froze up. If you use the door handle to get out, from the inside, usually have to pull on it half a dozen times or so to get the door to open. I was going to pull the door panel to check it out, but afraid of either braking one of the clips off on the door panel, or braking or cracking the door panel. Don't was to pay Ford dealer $88.00 just to look at it!!!

seen i think it was a 99 that did the same thing. the actual door latch inside the door had broke. there was a very small spring that had snapped that held back something that kept the lock from hitting something. without the spring, the lock was striking a some plate 9 of 10 times.

I have the same problem on my 97 sport. However, after pulling on the door handle, it has snapped the bolt that holds the actuator onto the door. Does anyone know how I can get the snapped bolt out of the actuator and get a new one back in? The actuator seems to be working, just when it is not attached, it wont do anything.

The way the bolt looks, it almost looks like a rivet. Can I just drill it out and send another bolt through?