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Sticky white smoke out tailpipe


January 23, 2013
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98 ford explorer xlt
Ok the other day I changed the plugs on my 98 explorer 4.0 sohc after changing it ran worse. I cleaned the iac but think I need a new one. Anyways runs great but shaky idle. I also dumped a bottle of fuel treatment through it. Now I am seeing white smoke and some clear water comming out the tail pipe the water is clear and the white smoke smells like regular fumes. Here is the kicker. I put my hand down and let the smoke blow on it and it came away sticky. Plus through the pipe it sounds like I have a miss but under the hood the engine sounds fine. The temp is 37 f and cloudy plus cold.

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White smoke is mosture as is the water. This is pretty normal on cold start, and with a temp of 37. Sticky I can't help haven't heard that one before, best guess is it is from the additive you used.

Well it wasn't just from a cold start it was warm but I was driving stop and go it isn't thick white smoke

Well, I don't know if you could have done this, but when you put your spark plug wires back on, did you use the correct firing order? I did the same thing. I used the SOHC firing order and mine was the pushrod so it ran rough like you say. Don't remember any smoke though, only had it running for a couple seconds.

Is the smoke just from your fuel additive? Usually it is very smokey for a bit after.. I just rev the pis out of it in park for a few minutes until its back to normal..

I only disconnected each wire individually so the foreign order it correct one person told me the iac could have been bad but unnoticeable because the plugs were fried.

I have put about 150 miles on the truck sense the fuel treatment. But it is made to treat everything in the system on most days I get a lot of clear water from the tailpipe and it only seems to smoke at slow speeds or idle. Weather maybe? I have no symptoms of a blown head gasket

What plugs did you use? Anything but Motorcraft or Autolite will make the truck run like crap.

I put in platinums I forgot to mention a few things.

When I notice the smoke it is at idle or slow speeds a d engine is only a quarter of the way hot it only gets to half when running it hard. Could it just not be hot enough?