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Still need more shackle bushing info....


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April 4, 2009
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1996 5.0 XLT AWD
Im getting a little confused as far as ordering this kit to get my new shackles installed. Heres the problem ive ran into.

My explorer is a 96 but other members have said the 1st gen explorer shackle/leaf spring kit will work. Thats great and im fine with ordering it.

However on the energy suspension website (only place I could find that sells the bushing kit for the ex shackles) says to not remove the "shell" under the installation instructions. I cant remember if a shell (around the bushing) came out of the frame. I dont think it did, just the inner metal tube then the bushing. Maybe they are referring to the part that is welded to the frame?

Sorry if this is confusing. I saved the left over parts so I can double check later on.

Heres the link.

If there is a shell it is not listed on LMC trucks website. Unless it is the same as the sleave inside the leaf spring?