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Still no heat

June 4, 2017
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2002 Explorer xlt 4.0
Okay first off I've been through every thread on this issue and then some but my 02 xlt still has no heat. This will be long winded but here we go.

Originally there wasn't even any air flow through the vents when i first purchased it used. Heater core housing wasn't put back together completely after previous owner had it replaced and air was going into the dash.

Fast forward I now have great air flow through the vents, but on heat the air is marginally warmer than the outside temp, but on cold its cool. So the blend door actualtor does work, also the air selector actuator visibly works, the common plastic piece isn't broken (looking with glove compartment hanging down) and transfers air everywhere like it should so there are no vaccum leaks.

Recently the factory coolant was changed after an unrelated issue (plastic temp sensor housing burst for the curious) though I know it doesn't much matter.

Heater core lines are hot enough to melt your skin off if your dumb enough to touch them.

How is all the fixed new air flow not carrying any heat, any ideas anyone I'm so confused?


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March 16, 2013
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Woodstock, GA
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
You aren’t getting any clicking from the left of the center console/knee area of drivers side?

The blend door actuator is on the drivers side, not visible via the glove box. Not sure if you were talking about two separate issues there.

The vent selector is visible via the glove box.

Clicking Temp Blend Actuator Removal