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Stock '00 EB

Hey Everyone my names Rich,

Just picked up my second explorer. It's a 2000 Eddie Bauer. Loaded.....V8....AWD....Leather....lots of electronic toys.

It's got 55000 miles on it but the Black paint is flawless.

I'm still trying to decide if i want to modify it or not. I'm from Chicago so I don't think there's much offroading to be done.

If anyone has any suggestions or lives near the south-west side of chicago and wants to hang let me know.

email me:

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Congrats to you and enjoy!!

took a little while but I finally have pictures of my truck.





I'm jealous!!!

Nice!! You also get to test it out in all that snow!!:)

Well not anymore all the snow has now melted. But I figured out AWD sucks for trying to do donunts

I driving with a friend that has a 03 Accord that he turocharged. He says my X has a nice neck snapping kick off the line, which it does. He immediatly accused me of having a V8. I was thinking to myself, dont those V6 (explorer) guys say theirs is faster. I dont know but it feels much better than a 8second vehicle.

I'm not sure about the SOHC V6 but the OHV V6 is slower than my V8.

My wife has a 98 OHV V6 2WD Sport. and I beat her truck hands down. She got off the line first but I finished first.