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Stock 98 5.0 Exhaust Size


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December 4, 2016
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Fort Worth, TX
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1997 5.0 4x4
Well my summer plan to play around with different exhaust setups has come to a screeching halt. My GF totaled her truck and now the non daily driver Ex is now her daily driver as of yesterday. Well the exhaust is cut off from pretty much the converters back and it is way too OBNOXIOUSLY loud for her to drive for the next few weeks.

Does anyone happen to know the size of pipe coming off of the converters? The truck is at work with her and would like to get this done tonight or I would wait until she got home and just measure it. I tried putting the resonators back on hoping that would help but not so much. My dad has some stock GT Mustang mufflers in the shop I am going to put on for the time being and wanted to stop on the way home to pick up some pipe.

My plan is to unbolt the resonators at the flange half way between the converters and resonators, put a few feet of pipe on, mufflers, then bolt it right back up. And hopefully this might even be the system I stay with for awhile. I think we have both agreed upon any gas mileage/power benefit isn't worth having to listen to rumbling exhaust while we're camping/wheeling/hunting ect. but for now I need something on ASAP.

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We'll i know what exhaust I would prefer, this is just what I have to work with. I just need it on so she's not driving around like someone just cut the exhaust off at the converters in the driveway.

It was just a long shot prayer that maybe I would like the exhaust so I wouldn't have to redo it when she gets a new car.