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Stock alarm question


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January 4, 2006
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Long Island NY
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96 XLT,97 sport
I have a 96 XLT and it has a factory alarm in it, and when I press the lock button on my keypad twice, it doesnt honk the horn anymore, just flashes the lights. I know it used to honk the horn and flash the lights when the lock button was pressed twice, but not anymore. My other question is, I am planning on installing a remote start alarm system with keyless entry, I am guessing that I will have to disable my stock alarm? One other question, I accidentaly threw out my keypad for the remote start system, it is an audiovox prestige, it was the carbon fiber type fob, I have been searching around e bay trying to find another key fob using the model number of the system but I havent had any luck, anyone have any advice?? Thanks, Jack