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Stock Fog Light/headlight switch info please?

Well,first off I'll be replacing my stock fog lights with a set of driving lights with 100 watt bulbs. The relay will be triggered by the high beam lead of headlights,but I also want to retain manual on/off control with a switch.
Can I run the relay ground through the stock fog lamp switch? I'd rather use the stock switch instead of mounting a new one. I figured asking here would be easier than pulling the dash apart again.
Also,I have a set of 55/100 watt 9007's sitting here that I never installed in my Mustang. I am assuming that to use them I would need to wire a relay for the high beam? I know the stock wiring and switch in the Stang cannot handle the 100 watt high beams,so I will assume the Mountaineer is the same deal?
Thansk for any info.

Take a look at this thread. Aldive posted a picture of the "Auxilary Relay Box" and it shows which relay controls the fog lights.
I too want to work my fog lights when I turn on the high beams, yet be able to disable the fog lights when I turn off the fog light switch. If I get time this weekend I will tell you what I come up with.

I replaced my fogs with 250 watt aircraft landing lights. Each light has its own 30A relay to drive it. It really lights up the road, but would be much better if they were mounted above the bumper.
Having to reach all the way over to hit the fog light switch when traffic approaches is sometimes difficult as the switch is easy to miss. That's why I want to work the relay from the high beam switch.


Thanks for the replies. I ordered the harness from yesterday. Was too good to pass up....hahaha. Someone else did the wiring for me so I am definitely going to take advantage of that....hahaha.
Thanks again.

so does anyone know which wire i need to splice from the high beams to use as the lead for the new fogs?

i am using a seperate relay, with it's own power from the battery, but i wanted to splice the trigger to the relay from the high beams, so they would come on together. what color is this wire, and where is the easiest place to locate it? thanks, todd.