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Stock for Stock radio swap inquiry


December 30, 2013
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Tampa Bay Area
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97 Explorer XLT 5.0
Hey guys, looking to change up my radio set up. Not really looking to go aftermarket as they throw off the interior with the different colors. I have 97 xlt 5.0. The headunit itself has just the radio and cassette, in the center console there is a 6 cd changer (no cartridge), no subwoofer.

I'm hoping to do either a single or 6 disc (indash) changer radio. The only thing is I don't know what radios will work. Also, does someone make an ipod adaptor for the stock radio's? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure what to tell you about head unit compatibility, but I am using the USA Spec PA11-FORD1 iPod interface module. It replaces the 6 disc CD changer for the Mach Audiophile system in my Explorer. It is not ideal, as the iPod is controlled from the face of the iPod. However, I can still change tracks on the iPod via the 'NEXT' button on the steering wheel.

Seth K. Pyle

Putting in a stock radio from a 98+ will be the same as putting an aftermarket one in to your 97. Exact same process since the harnesses are different.