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Stock Mache Audio system??


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May 13, 2006
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1998 Eddie Baurer
I have a 98' EB explorer that came with the mache audio system, I have a sub in the back right corner of my ex. I blew the sub.. lol My question to you guys is
is there a stock amp for that stock sub?

What i m trying to figure out is what to do from here?

Thanks in advance


Hey Joe,

Yes, the stock sub has it's own amplifier attached to the subwoofer box behind the trim. I can probably get a picture of mine in the not too distant future.

The stock sub is 8", so you could conceivably replace it with another 8" aftermarket sub.

I'm actually in the process of upgrading my sound system, and I'll be getting rid of my stocker, if you're interested in a direct replacement, I might be persuaded to sell you mine. :)

Thanks for the info, i am thinking of upgrading mine as well sense i blew this one. recomend any 8" aftermarket ones? Also Could i hook up 12 inch subs with the stock EB amp? is it a good amp or what?


I'm a fan of kicker. You could get a decent kicker 8" pretty cheap.

Alternatively, you could go higher end and get a JL Sub, though that would really benefit most from an aftermarket amp.

I wouldn't recommend powering anything bigger with the stock amp.