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stock radio amping?


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March 15, 2004
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Hey guys can you hook an up to a factory radio to amp the speakers? I know you can hook a converter to add a sub amp but I like my factory radio I just cant hear it good with the windows down. This is in a 97 dodge by the way its just a regular factory radio not an inifinity or anything.


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works the same way you would a sub amp, just get a line out converter and run a 2/4 channel amp for door speakers. the stock door speakers probably wouldnt hold up very well to an amp though. they arent made for much wattage.

i am pretty sure you can get a converter to connect rca cables to the amp... ...might need 2 if your gonna do 4 speakers and still want fade control.....and of course a 4 channel amp..or... alot of lower end amps have high level inputs that you would run the speaker wires to from the radio and then run the speaker wires from the amp to the speakers.....more than likely...a new radio...that has like 30 watts x 4 or more...very easy to do for under 200 bucks and get a decent radio/cd player..less if your not real picky..i got my stuff from shipping and free wiring harness not top of the line stuff but good prices for mid range quality equipment...but a higher power radio will make stock speakers sound a thousand times better/louder a friend had a durango and his stock speakers sounded really bad and he got new speakers and it was a big help i think his had the premium sound package though...good luck hope this helped

well I bought this factory radio cause its got built navigation So I want to keep it My speakers have been changed so I wouldnt have to worry about blowing them. so I cold just hook up a line out converter then be set?

I looked at my amp and found out I have 2 little square plugs that hook up to the amp. In the directions it says to use these plugs to wire it directly to the car stereo so could I use these plugs and hook the radios speaker wires up to them and then plug them into the amp instead having to buy 2 LOC's and running rcas?

yea i think so..check and see if they are called hi level inputs on the sounds to me like that is what you have so it should work pretty well

Voltage Converters are easy to make and a huge profit to the car audio business ... All you need is a non-inductive resistor for a load to suck up (waste) the current output and a simple resistor voltage divider to drop the voltage to line levels ...

I realize this isn't a solution for most people but anyone with even a basic knowledge of electronics and some basic soldering skills can easily accomplish it for the cost of a bit of shielded cable, an RCA jack and maybe a couple of resistors per channel ...

I usually hack my own line level outputs by taking the signal from the output of the volume control because a line converter can induce distortion and can hinder frequency and even phase response, especially if the manufacturer takes the cheap way out (and many, if not most do) and use a wirewound (inherently inductive) resistor instead of a non-inductive one ... the cost of including line level ouputs on any car stereo is no more (and usually less) than the cost of including a headphone jack in a home or the cheapest portable CD player

ok if I use the high to low level connections on my 4 channel amp can I still piggy back off my 4 channel amp to a 2 channel for my subwoofer or will I have to use rcas to piggy back off my 4 channel amp?