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Stock radio fading in and out

Zero Signal

October 31, 2006
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Portsmouth, VA
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'99 Explorer 5.0L
Ran a search, but couldn't dig up any info on this.

At significant volume (F'in loud) I notice that my stock CD/FM/Tape player will momentarily fade in and out. It never fades all the way out, but the volume will fade a noticeable amount. I adjusted the bass all the way down, thinking that it was the speakers bottoming out. That still didn't solve the problem. As far as I can tell, I have the basic sound system in my '99. There is no factory amp in the rear, and no subwoofer. Just four 6x8's and a head unit.

I'm wondering if this problem is simply inherent to the factory head unit, or if the unit is getting ready to crap out on me. I never experience it at low or moderate volumes.... only when it's really cranked up. It's almost like the radio's amp can't keep up with the music.:wtf:

Has anyone else experienced this with their stock head unit?