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stock sirius unit question


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March 29, 2010
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'07 Sport Trac Limited
I cant seem to locate it anywhere and i want to use the stock antenna for the aftermarket siriusxm unit i got. can anyone help locate it?

its a 2007 Sport Trac LTD

In my 2008 ST Ltd, it's in the passenger's side kick panel where the fuel pump reset is. Had to pop off the door sill to get the kick panel off. Flat metal box, you can see the antenna plugged into the top facing the seat.

I may be wrong, but the last time i tried the stock antenna plug and the aftermarket ones are completely different.

You have to break off the Ford connector. It's a normal connection inside. The only concern I've had is that it isn't a snug connection to the aftermarket tuner. Cable length was an issue as well. I had to place the tuner, SXV200V1, behind the glove box, zip tied to the radio antenna lead. It's been two weeks and I've experienced no problems with satellite reception. I would like to find an extension and re-mount the tuner box. I'm using it with a Pioneer AVX-X3500BHS, which I really like.