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Stock stereo problems


June 2, 2001
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West Bend, Wi
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'97 4.0 SOHC Control Trac
I have 92 4 door with the stock stereo. I just bought the truck and the stereo is acting up on me. For some reason I can't get any volume out of it. Also, it won't eject a tape, i have to pry the tape out. All the wires are connected in back. Is this a common problem with older stereos? Does anyone have an used CD deck they want to sell me?


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I just bought a '92 XLT 4 door as well. Mind came with a CD player, and the display will just blink. Can't get any sound of the radio and it wouldn't load a CD. I plugged in my aftermarket unit out of my '93 Ranger, and it had power going to it (not blinking), but I don't have the amp bipassed yet so I wasn't getting any sound.

Is it just me or did Ford have some problems with their head units in '92?

the stock headunit in my 92 worked fine. i only had it in for a week before building my system.

Problems with the early model Explorers are very common. For one thing, the lack of ventilation behind the unit seems to increase this problem because of the heat. Another problem is that Ford bundled their head unit wires right behind the levers for the temperature guages, so some people have found that the levers were cutting into the wire bundle. This is just one of the very common problems. The other usually crackling coming from one of the front speakers.

It's probably time to get a new unit. If you're bent on keeping that factory look, you can check out:

Otherwise, Blaupunkts always look pretty stock, and midrange Alpines tend to blend in nicely with early model Explorers.

Yup, Same here. Tapes wouldnt eject and the volume would seem to stick on a very low level. My solution was to buy an aftermarket CD player. Good Luck!