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Stock sub new head unit.


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March 27, 2010
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rumford, maine
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2002 explorer sport trac
Hello, I bought a new head unit which has all high level outputs for speaker but only RCA for the sub, I im waiting to save up for a nice sub and amp set. till then I was hoping I could connect my stock sub to my head unit but I do not know how to convert my 10 pin high level and to run off a low level RCA. any tip to wire this? Because its going to be somewhat temperary im not looking to spend much if any money. thank you.

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welcome craig

Why the threads are moved from one place to another...
When we try to search it will easily found..
I don't think that is a need to change the location...

To the OP, check I know they make a harness for the 2nd gen sport tracs. I've had it. You need to wire a resistor along with the remote-turn on, because there will be some "thump" when the factory amp turns on. It did work well.

Got this reply from my recent post..

"The integrated part means the head unit only. So changing speakers would be easy. But adding amp might be difficult if you don't have RCA out. My brother got a civic and his stock head unit doesn't support RCA out too. So in the end he change the whole headunit. Although it doesn't look as nice because the centre console doesn't match the car interior anymore, but it sure sound much nicer now."