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Stock System Volume?


May 6, 2004
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Earlysville, VA
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2011 Explorer XLT 4x4
I have a 95 EB 4dr that I bought used and have some issues with the stock stereo. I have the "enhanced" system by JBL with the subwoofer and aplifier. I replaced the sub with a JL and am very happy with the results but the overall volume of the entire system sucks. The volume readout on the head unit goes to level 34 and to me should be exceptionally loud, but is not. Is this normal? Again, the subwoofer sounds great and is quite loud but the rest of the speakers seem to be missing the extra volume. Could this be an amp problem, or do these systems just not get that loud? I am not interested in putting in a new aftermarket system, I am just looking to get the most out of the stock system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Get a new HU and speakers. I keep my Alpine at 5, and that's really loud. I believe it goes up to 35!

Heh...mine's pretty loud at 34. I usually keep it at around 20 when driving around with the windows down and around 10 with the windows up. What really sucks is that when I turn the volume higher than 15, the bass would start to drown out by the mids and highs. I hate that!!

not even close to yours

I can have mine all the way up to 34 and can hear hardly anything with the windows down, and just loud with the windows up.

Yeah, replace your speakers, the pioneers I have are extremely loud, my sony hu goes up to 34 as well, and I can drive around with it around 7-8 and it sounds just fine, up around 20 the car pounds (even if my 2 sony 10's are not too clear, which is why I am gonna replace them soon, they still manage to rattle my mirrors :P)