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Stock tire size more aggresive tread decrease mpg's?

Hi everyone,

Its about time for some new tires and i would like a little more aggresive tread pattern. My question is if i stay with a stock size tire but go with a more aggresive off road style tread will my gas mileage be affected?

right now im looking at some all terrain bfg's at wally world for $154.99 each. will these increase off road performance much or will they just look cool? My main concern is gas mileage. What do you guys think?


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I am currently running cooper discoverer STs (very similar to BFGs) on my Explorer. I would estimate that i have lost less than 1 mpg versus the stock Goodyear Wranglers. My Explorer still pulls 20mpg on the highway and the Coopers are much better in snow and mud. I use my Explorer to travel between Chicago and Grand Rapids, MI and for me the gain in winter traction was worth a tiny loss in MPGs.

Aggressive tread patterns have more rolling resistance than smoother pavement tires, so things like gas mileage are usually affected when going from one to the other.

Tires like the BFG A/T's are also heavier, so it takes a little more to get them rolling.

However the Explorer doesn't seem to be terribly affected by this, partly because it was designed with All-Terrain tires in mind, so it's more like Highway or All-Season tires will increase mileage.

Also with a 5.0 V8, how you drive and regular maintenance is going to have a lot more of an effect on mileage than the tread on the tires. Being LT tires, The BFGs also have a higher psi rating, so you can run them higher than the 35psi limit of P-rated tires, which can also increase mileage.

The BFG's are a proven good on/off-road tire. If your main concern is gas mileage though, and you rarely go off-road, they will just look cool. There are other aggressive-looking choices that might be better (and even less expensive) than the BFGs if you won't be off-roading that much, such as the Yokohama Geolandar AT-S and the Firestone Destination AT.

thank you anime. Very helpful

I use to run 33x12.50 BFG AT's on my truck. And without recalibrating my speedo I was averaging about 16-17 mpgs. I don't know what the actual mpgs were. And with my 35x12.50 ProComp MTs I’m still averaging about 13-15 mpgs without recalibrating my speedo. I liked my BFG AT's, they were really good in the snow and mud for me and when I went out to the off road park I was getting better traction than most of the guys with mud terrains.:D If you are planning on getting more aggressive tires I would suggest moving up to a larger than stock size. I would suggest getting 31x10.50's bc you should be able to run them without a lift and no rubbing.

thanks for the input but not interested in a bigger tire. I do to much highway driving for a tire that big and like i said i dont want to hurt my gas mileage. Plus bigger tires = more stess on the chassis

I got the faulken rocky mountain AT. I went slightly bigger (30x9.5x15) and I didn't notice much decrease in gas mileage. I also run them around 40psi which seems to help with the soft sidewall. You can tell its bigger, heavier tires though

might look for a set of general grabbers .... very similar to the bfg at's ... but much cheaper. i found 118 a tire ... instead of 150.