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Stop the ban.....youth bikes and ATV's


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October 24, 2006
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san diego California
Join the effort to stop the ban on youth motorcycles and ATVs. The links and letter-generators found here will help you send an important message to legislators and regulators. Please use them. And please encourage others to visit this site and do what they can, too.

If there is a better place to move this to get as much traffic as possible, please feel free to move it.Or even if one of the mods couls make this a sticky for a week or so that would be great!

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[sarcasm] Yeah, legislators and regulators lets take the kids off motorcycles and ATV's and send them back in the house so they can't enjoy the outdoors, and make them fat and lazy by playing video games, absorbing all thier imagination. [/sarcasm]

Our children's future is destroyed more and more.

Legislators and regulators have bigger issues they need to worry about, than messing with our kids.

Jeff - :navajo:

There have been recent studies that show children who spend their recreation time playing computer games and such, have such poor social skills that they have trouble learning how to interact with other children and people in general. I've had to literally drag my son away from his games at times to go outside with me so we can work on the Ex and then go out and play, he's 16 now and has been apprenticing at a local shop learning body work and he's now eager to learn how to work on engines and transmissions. It may not have been what I would have chosen as a career for him but at least he know longer has the illusion of becoming a professional gamer!

ahh youth.... only time in your life that your a kid and it won't come back again . my first bike was a 1985 honda xr-100r ...loved that bike ,went anywhere and you had to pretty much pry me off of it ( lol ) .

personally i think that banning is a bad idea for a lot of reasons .... also like guns . if a child grows up knowing how to shoot/properlly handle firearms then chances are they will grow up and be respectfull of guns....on the flip side some parents don't want their children to have anything to do with them and then they grow up and get scared when someone shows a gun or pic of a weapon to them they get nervous because they have no point of referance.

a little off topic but point made, if parents show how to ride safe and respect bikes / atv's then this whole ban should not be a issue.

I'm not sure why they think kids want to eat their bikes instead of ride them. :rolleyes: :thumbdwn:

Next thing will be child proof locks on the water hoses, so the kids don't get sick on hot summer days, but dehydration is ok though :rolleyes:

Our world is so screwed.

Jeff - :navajo:

Next thing will be child proof locks on the water hoses, so the kids don't get sick on hot summer days, but dehydration is ok though :rolleyes:

Our world is so screwed.

Jeff - :navajo:

i agree its a shame the way stuff is going

Email sent...

the funny thing is all they are doing is causing a bigger problem. the kids that don't get bikes for their size will be on their dads bike or the dads will just buy them bigger bikes. yet they are doing such a good think for our youth. hahaha what a joke our country is becoming

Removed thoughts because it really isn't worth the hassle anymore. stuff gets twisted. The law "banning" youth atv's and motorcycles actually was not a deliberate attempt to ban atv's and motorcycles, it was aimed at banning lead in children's toys coming from China, but was so poorly worded that it could encompass anything that is designed, marketed or sold to children, including atv's, motorcycles, and anything else that has lead in it that might be sold to someone under 12 years old. Since atv's and motorcycles have lead acid batteries, they fall under the ruling. The CPSC has issued a temporary injunction allowing the sale of atv's and motorcycles pending a permanent solution to the mistake.

Should we fight it? Yes, by all means, but It really irks me when people twist things to fit their own agendas.