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Stopped at the dealership and saw...


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January 26, 2004
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Mechanicsville, Virginia
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2004 Acura TL
I saw a lot of '06 Explorers. I went to look at the superdutys, but I saw line after line of the new Explorers, so I snapped a few pictures with my girlfriends camera.



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What I really wanted to see:


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I prefer the superdutys :D

I wanted to buy one so freakin bad, but unfortunatly economics forced me to settle for the middle of the road f150, not that i dont' love my little 150 though :D

Those SD's with 20's come with 275/65/20s...which is a 34" tire:)

sweet...funny how they don't like like a 34" tire though!

Superduty's Drooooooooling

CodePoet said:
sweet...funny how they don't like like a 34" tire though!

Those aren't the 20" rims in the pic. ;)