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Stored Memory Codes


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July 8, 1999
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Portland, OR
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'95 XLT
I have a question for those Savvy Explorer owners out there: How do you
read the codes stored on the onboard computer memory of a 1995 XLT?

I know that there are a couple of different kinds of stored codes and a
test connector to read them with a voltmeter, but where is the Self Test
Input? I have a manual, and have read other vehicles' codes before, but
the Haynes book either isn't very helpful or descriptive because I can't
read the codes without finding this STI connector. Apparently, this is
needed to read the meter while the regular Test connector is jumpered to
the STI.


On the '92 it's attached to the fuse box. On the side facing the ..... dashboard. Not sure about a '95, but can't imagine it's any different. Good Luck.

I bought a nifty code reader device at
Auto Zone for less than $20. The codes
are displayed via an LED.

It plugs into the test port and is wired
to take care of the jumpering needed to
read the codes. It came with a pretty
good manual.