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'Storm Bandit' (2000 Limited)

Well, we've added yet another truck to the stable, but this one is meant to be the official shop truck of Kris and I's upcoming business venture, Bandit Customs. But more on that later...First the basics and history

2000 SOHC Limited
Wedgewood Blue
Control Trac 4WD
Dark Graphite Grey Interior
Rear Air Ride
180,000 miles


8-31-2000 @ 18,485 Miles
The truck experienced a hesitatation while driving, the pcm was reprogrammed according to SSM 13707

8-31-2001 @ 37,709 Miles
Firestone recall was performed

11-15-01 @ 41,710 Miles
Truck was making rattling noise and the 00M12 timing tensioner recall was performed

11-08-05 @ 86,374 Miles
03S03 Cruise Control Cable recall was performed

1-22-08 @ 123,254 Miles
Oil Change

2-5-08 @ 123,890
Owner requested a service harness for the passenger side airbag, diag only. Also the rear axle oil was replaced and resealed on the diff cover

5-14-08 @ 128,417 Miles
Oil Change
05S28 Brake Switch harness recall was performed

7-30-08 @ 133,419 Miles
Oil Change

10-24-08 @ 139,077 Miles
Oil Change
New Tires (Goodyears)

1-29-09 @ 143,731
Oil Change and tire rotate

10-02-09 @ 156,035 Miles
Front Sway Bar Links Replaced
Replaced Fuel Filter
Rotate Tires
Fuel Injection Flush
Cooling System Drain and Refill
Alignment Check

12-08-09 @ 159,363 Miles
Oil Change

(After this, the truck was sold to the owner before us)

8-20-11 @ 166,391 Miles
Two pats keys cut and programmed

8-24-11 @ 166,814 Miles
1) Air Bag Light Diag - Code 37 - tech reseated passenger seat airbag connector
2) Had a rattling noise from the engine - tech replaced belt tensioner
3) Tech replaced Driver door latch and outside handle
4) Rear wiper inop - no work was done
5) tech replaced the drivebelt

6-8-13 @ 180,000 Miles
I charged the A/C system after the motor swap

We found this truck on craigslist for $950 dollars. It is Wedgewood Blue, dark graphite grey interior, and pretty much fully loaded (Air ride suspension and 4.10 gears as well!) The reason for the cheap price was because cylinder 5 had lost compression and the owner didnt want to deal with repairing it. Well, no problem, since Kris and I are getting better at SOHC motor repairs! I met the owner on a rainy evening (hence the eventual name) and bought it on the spot. Even drove it back home a few miles. But the first thing we had to do was get the motor running right. After a few tests and visual inspection of the truck (was origianlly a Michigan owned truck, so very rusty) it was determined that we replace the motor entirely with a salvage texas motor (no rust) and retime and reseal the new one. Which is what we did.









Yay for our Shop truck.. so Far 300 miles on the fresh timed SOHC with the Ebay guide kit. We figured it would be worth trying these out to see how well they hold up at less then a quarter of the cost of the Ford Guides.

Nice work guys!

So we are Putting the shop truck up for sale if any one is interested. Let me or Russell know.