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STP Additive is Good Stuff!

hey mahieber!!
I used to do the same with just plain water..... tach up the engine and pour water down the carb and you just about steam cleaned the inside of the engine......What doesn't come out! DO NOT stand behind the exhaust pipe !!!! I would not try it on a car with a catalytic converter but it works greater on my 67 PU.

I haven't done this for a while, especially on any newer cars but I used to put a can of transmission fluid in the crankcase and run it about 10 minute.... then change the oil. Transmission fluid is very high detergent ... cleans out internal engine part without wrecking seals etc.

for what its worth....
comet??? that stuff is like sand!!!!!!

hey 88vert
opinions are like assholes .... but why stop there!
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Originally posted by IgotTwo

for what its worth....
comet??? that stuff is like sand!!!!!!

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Seems like that stuff would break the glaze on the cylinder walls and permit *more* oil consumption. I've seen a very fine polishing agent (jeweler's rouge) used to "wear-in" some of those "glow" engines (alcohol/castor oil) used in radio controlled model airplanes.

The procedure was to sprinkle a small amount into the intake while the engine was running, then upon shut-down, the engine was completely ripped apart and cleaned to ensure no abrasive remained.

Also, that procedure was not used on engines with piston rings. I'm guessing the stuff would serve to polish the high spots where metal parts touched - sort of an accelerated break-in procedure - but that the "ringed" engines did not depend on as tight a piston-to-cylinder fit, so the abrasive would do no good - and possibly screw it up.

I can vividly imagine what Comet cleanser would do to soft bronze valve guides. Yikes.

Trickling water in the intake is a whole different ballgame... it just helps break the carbon deposits loose. Did that one time to the 250 c.i. six in my aunt's '78 Granada. She went out of town and left the keys with me. My dad drove it and mentioned how sluggish it was and how badly it was pinging. After the "water treatment", I found a straight piece of rural highway and opened it up. It blew out soot like a steam locomotive and afterwards, lots more power and no preignition. My Dad drove it again the next day, then came and asked me: "Okay, what'd you DO to that car?!" :)

The water trick was always the charm everytime on those 70's car cause those emission system just carbon fouled every engine on the road.
I also got many "how did you do that?......

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