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Straight axle "kit"

I fond them on and their Rep. around the web and off-road stuff here in so-cal was all positive that I could find, and Brandon has been great to work with so far I have no complaints! Clear communication and on top of things from knowledge base to get parts to move the project forward!! Really happy with them so far!! I can't wait to see it done :) Their new website is under construction

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Another thing that would be nice is a set of rear perches made that allows the axle to shift back a couple inches to give better clearance of the doglegs from stuffing large tires, and decent clearance of the rear bumper, plus made in a way it improves the pinion angles without using shims. The poor pinion angle kills the crush sleeve and seals on the 8.8 most of us use when doing a SOA.

Like this?

Price for them isn't all that bad. There are plenty of discount codes out there to get 10% off also.

Hope you are not confusing BTF-Fab with Blue Torch Fabrication, they are not the same company. is the website for BTF-Fab that is doning the swap for me

VVVVVV- Sorry thought you were talking about BTF, not Ruff Stuff