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Strange 4X4 situation.


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October 3, 2008
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Wausau, Wisconsin
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1992 XLT
I just replaced the transfer case motor on my '92 Explorer. While the old one was in, the 4X4 light next to the pushbutton was dimly illuminated but the 4X4 system wasn't engaged. When I would press it previous to the new installation, nothing happened.

Now I have replaced it and now when I hit the button it illuminates fully but it is still dimly lit when not even in use which I find odd. The light next to the low range pushbutton functions normally.

Also, when the 4X4 is engaged, the 4X4 dash light down by where it says 'anti lock brake' does not illuminate but when I hit 'LOW RANGE' it does. The system appears to be working now though.

The front right axle however and the u-joint, is totally decimated and needs to be replaced, so when the 4X4 turns on, the steering wheel moves all over the place erratically.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?