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Strange behavior from A4LD


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May 7, 2013
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Gypsum, KS
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1993 Ford Explorer xlt
I have a 93 Explorer A4LD. Lately I have experienced a delay when putting into Drive from Park and with that there is a heavy clunk when it finally does go into gear. Doesn't want to shift out of First until warmed up. I recently tightened the bands hopefully correctly. I only have a 0-60 inch torque wrench and went all the way past the 60 and then backed off 2 complete turns. It seemed like it was shifting too soon into 4th so I backed the OD band off another 1/2 turn and seemed to improve. I hope I don't have double wrap bands. Also I poured about 16 ounces of Mystery Oil in there hoping to free up a possible sticky governor. Did I over fill it? what are symptoms of too much ATF? How can I tell if I have double wrap bands or not? I already replaced the vacuum module. I hope I'm not looking at a complete rebuild. Any advise will help. Thanks

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I'm confused about the type of torque wrench that was used. Replace the fluid & filter, and don't put any additives in. You might have a worn or sticking governor, and bad low/reverse servo O rings. Check the U joints too.

I believe the torque was suppose to 10ft lbs or 120 inch lbs. I have only a 60 inch lb so I went past the 60 mark to what I thought was 120 but just a guess. Hey that strangely often on depending on the day I guess. This morning it was fine but still didn't shift out of first until warm.

I bought one of those and it broke on about the first 10 inch lbs of torque.

How do I know if I have double wrap bands or not. Is there a number I can locate on the tranny?