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Strange "Blob" inside the cowl cavity under the hood grille.


September 29, 2008
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South MS
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Hattiesburg, MS
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00 XLT 3.0L
I have been chasing a water leak from rain or car wash on the passenger side foot well. The leak is the result of water dripping inside the cavity by the hood (cowl) where the windshield wiper mechanism is located. As I was pouring water down into that cavity with a garden hose, I noticed that when the water was dripping at the end of the perforated area (hood grille) towards the passenger side, some of the water was also finding its way into the air box inside the truck. There is a long story here where I removed the access covers to blow compressed air and use a vacuum clear to remove leaves and other debris that could be clogging any water drainage opening. The driver side was ok, and after some thinking I realized I could use the antenna hole to inspect the passenger side which was also ok. However I could not see much, so I thought I could use an inspection camera. That is when I noticed the strange blob in the image, and I am trying to figure out what the heck that is. Is that a dead snake? Whatever that is, it stuck to the top of that cavity just passed the perforated area. Interestingly it seems to be reason why water is dripping inside the air box! The metal piece next to it is the hood hinge on the passenger side.




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Seam sealer?

I still don't know what that is. The picture does look like a snake. However, I would expect a snake to have decomposed by now unless it ate something in that cavity that help it maintain its shape. Is that even possible? I don't know anything about snakes. The other possibility is some type of industrial sealer that was used during manufacturing. A better way to assess what that might be is to remove the hood and the hood hinge on the passenger side since that blob is right in that area.