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Strange Idle Sticking problem HELP!


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April 30, 2001
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04 EB V8
Started Sunday night. Seems my throttle sticks. I'll be going 65, shift into N yet my rpm's will still hover around 2000 rpm. I tap the gas, then it goes down. Also if i'm in gear, the truck will still accelarate even if I'm not pressing the gas & again the RPM's will stay around 2000. However this is only happening sometimes. Maybe 8-10 times since Sunday. Strange. I scanned for codes, & none were found. Speed sensor? IAC? I lubed the trottle cable at the TB. The TB, TPS, & MAS are new, & my X ran fine untill Sunday. The only thing that was changed in the last few weeks has been the brakes. I put new lines, ART rotors, new calipers, pads, rear drums, shoes, & bleed them. Does it in all gears too. I have a 5 speed. Shifts fine, no noise, clutch is good. Any ideas??

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Even though you say it is new, my guess would be the TPS. Also, make sure your gas pedal isn't catching on the carpet in some way.

The pedal is not getting the carpet that I can see. If it was a bad sensor, TPS, or otherwise, wouldn't that send a code to the computer? I scanned it, & found no codes.

blast the crap outta your IAC with carb cleaner. if that helps but doesn';t fix, then replace the sensor

I blasted it last night & it did nothing. Truck still does it. Going to a shop tommorrw.

Well the replacment of the IAC seems to have stopped it. Weird! Cleaning did no good, I guess it was bad. Strange there were no codes either. At any rate it's fixed.