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Strange noise coming from engine/transmission


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February 24, 2015
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'14 Explorer Sport
So lately within like 2 weeks i have noticed this oscillating noise at 80 MPH but now i notice it or hear it at lower speeds as well. It's really hard to explain but it sounds as if it's the engine and it only happens or you really hear it when your foot is on the gas...when off the gas it pretty much goes away.

It also sounds like a sound when my engine is idling as i can hear it a a loose/squeaking noise. When i open the hood i really can't hear it..only inside. Almost like it's related to my belt.

My belt always squeaks when raining or cold and just tonight driving in the rain it slipped 3 times when i had to get on the gas quick as i heard what i thought was my turbos..but it was the belt and i had a bit loss of power for those 1-2 seconds

Goes in on thursday as i need to drive 1,000 miles to Buffalo in 3 weeks and if i need a new belt i would like it sooner rather than later as i don't want that failing but i had it looked at 10K miles ago and they said it looked just fine.

Has 49K and had my PTU replaced last summer

Dealer replaced the belt per my request but couldn't hear the noise (of course) And since the new belt the noise is still there at 40 MPH and again at 80MPH when on the gas....and i drive to buffalo in 2 weeks..1,000 miles in 3 days..hopefully it's nothing major. I am going to see if i can stop at the dealer tomorrow and just have someone drive with appt again to see if they can at least hear it before i waste time

ANyone thoughts?

Dealer heard it...but when they put it on the lift and drove it and listed with a scope..everything sounded normal..yet the noise is still there and now seems worse at lower a while with the engine/lifters...a almost whirling codes..everything in suspension checks out.

They are blaming it on my bull bar i put on and possibly my intake..but it didn't do this a few weeks ago with the same items on...

What he said was to take the bar and intake off..see if it still does it..if it does bring it in and they can try again..

So.frustrating. I am just nervous it's something major even though it just may be a loose part ect

Luckily i still have 10K left on powertrain

Just updating this thread in case anyone else comes across this issue. Seems to be getting worse..not louder..but now you can just hear it a lot more at other speeds now as well when the engine is winding down..100% seems RPM related but dealer doesn't think so.

Slow-mod accelerating now you can defiantly hear it. No loss of power or just doesn't sound healthy or normal now. Same on highway..happening at really all speeds now...hearing that constant moaning from the engine