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Strange noise coming from rear speakers?


October 2, 2014
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06 Ford Explorer Limited
Okay so I'm a newbie here but I did search and didn't find anything on this subject. First of all its a 2006 Limited. Very intermittently, what sounds like the rear drivers side speaker (really not completely sure it's the speaker but it comes from that vacinity) makes a noise that isn't very easily explained. It almost sounds like a bird of some sort. To make it even more complicated, the radio doesn't even have to be on. No idea what triggers the noise and I can't duplicate it by turning AC/heat on/off or radio on off. It might do it 3 times on my way to work and not do it again for several days. My fiance' and I usually laugh it off. The other day my niece was in there and it freaked her out! LOL You know, over dramatic 14 year olds. Not much to go on, any suggestions?