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Strange noise coming from transmission


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October 9, 2013
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1997 Ford Explorer Sport
I couldn't believe it, thought my transmission was making the noise, but driving home on the freeway, I heard something give out in the engine compartment. looked at rear view mirror and saw a pulley bouncing behind me. Battery light come on, no big deal almost home. Then I thought better get off, glad I did, no power steering, temp gauge started climbing fast, check gauge light came on, time to shut it off. Of course belt was gone and idle pulley gone. Replaced pulley and belt and guess what, no more noise coming out from transmission area. Wild I tell you, I would have never suspected that sound travels to other components that have nothing to do with the component that is going bad (idle pulley). I have been to a transmission shop and they told me, transmission is fine as far as noise. It did have code P0705 which I was trouble shooting (ts). I made another thread on the fix. But all this time my idle pulley was coming apart and never suspected it. FYI

It only gets worse trying to isolate a noise as you get older and the 'ol hearing isn't as acute as it used to be! Just recently someone on here swore his noise was coming from the front wheels/driveline. Turned out it was his rear brakes. Glad it wasn't more serious...or, expensive to fix.