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strange problem


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August 19, 2009
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93 XLT
First off = not loosing coolant (thank goodness)

I want to figure this out before I just add some coolant to the overflow.

I bought a 93 Sploder, when I popped the hood the overflow tank was bone dry, level in radiator about 3/4 of a quart low. Topped it off through the radiator cap, and drove it till engine reached operating temp, waited till it cooled and then popped the hood. Overflow tank still dry (checked hose, hooked up correctly). Opened radiator cap, a little bit of coolant spilled from the pressure but still filled up right to the top.
Drove it for a couple weeks, checking coolant level daily. Level still right to the top of the radiator, (enought that it will spill a little when I open it) but coolant has still not been pushed into the overflow.

Is everything fine (I just need to add a quart or so to overflow) or is something wrong?
The reason I ask is when I did the same thing with my Ranger (topped off, drove till it reached operating temp, then checked when the engine had cooled) it pushed about half a quart of coolant into the overflow.

Maybe im just tired and should just add coolant to overflow.


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February 19, 2008
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Flowery Branch , Georgia, 1994 sport 2wd auto
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2005 colorado 2wd 5spd
yes you should ... the overflow tank has to have a certain amount in there for when the time ever comes that the rad cap opens up then the super heated coolant will flow into the tank and flow into the the cold coolant thus preventing a steam powered explosion out of the tank if your rad boils over .

if "none" is flowing to the tank then that means that the cap is not opening .mine has a coolant leak around the lower intake water jacket near the front of the engine ( near the a/c ) flaw from ford ... i go through abouta quart a month if that much coolant ever see's the ground ...just evaps before doing so .

just to be on the safe side i would flush the system ( if you bought it used could not hurt and can only help it plus it had sat with low coolant in it so i bet some rust has formed ) go buy another rad cap ( just to make sure that it's new and works properlly ) ...use the correct mix .