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Strange Symptom of an unknown problem


July 30, 2012
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1997 Explorer XLT
Need help! I have a 1997 Explorer XLT. I am experiencing rough idling and stalling.

Known Code: P0113

RPM will begin to fall to 500-800. Depending on the temperature, it will stall occasionally during the first 30 seconds.

Shifting to DRIVE:
The RPM will slightly drop and the car will have a little shaking.
Once I accelerate past 1000 RPM, everything runs smooth.

Everything runs well as long as I'm going above 10 mph.

When I approach a stoplight, the RPM will drop to less than 500. Car begins a violent vibrating/shaking. If a quickly shift into neutral and give some gas, the car is smooth again until I have to shift back into drive. This occurs randomly and not every time.
Sometime, during long red lights, while in neutral, the RPM will drop uncontrollably. The only way to prevent a stall is to rev the engine past 2000 RPM. This too is random.

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My taurus did the same...
Clean your MAF Sensor with some sensor cleaner from any auto parts place near you
is there an EGR code? if so, install a new DPFE sensor, if that doesnt work, install an EGR valve
Here is a link about your code and symptoms with ways to fix your issue... check this out, the top two are just prior knowledge from dealing with it before

good luck, hope all goes well
update us!

VIN "x" or "e"?

The owners manual shows I have a 6 cylinder 4.0L EFI engine. Is that the same as the OHV V6?

If the 8th digit in your VIN is an X then you have the OHV V6. If it is an E then you have the SOHC V6.

Thanks. I replaced some vacuum hoses for upper intake and now I'm reading P0171 and P0174, but not the previous code (P0113). Any ideas on this?

I might replace the upper intake plenum gasket, is it worth doing?

intake gaskets

I'm not very familiar with the OHV V6 but I think there is only one intake manifold unlike the SOHC V6 that has an upper and lower intake manifold. I've read that the OHV is also prone to leaking intake manifold gaskets although not as common as the SOHC. If the lean codes just happened after you worked on the engine make sure that you didn't knock something loose or break a intake hose. Do a search on "leaking intake gaskets" or something similar to find threads on replacing the gaskets and also search for "intake leaks". I remember reading about an elbow that frequently fails but is easily overlooked due to its location. Maybe someone with an OHV will chime in.

I had similar experience when i first got my 96 4.0 ohv 3 years ago. Mine ended having an evap service port i believe it was,(correct me if i got it wrong). The end was snapped off so i plugged it bit a bolt and it helpout out alot, but i also changed the plugs when i did it so it idled a WHOLE LOT BETTER. Every one in a blue moon it will kinda try to do it if i kill it and crank it again shortly after, but may be unrelated. I had the injectors cleaned, new IAC, but plugging that hose with a bolt helped quite a bit, by no mean did that fix it completly considering i had 9 codes thrown:eek:, but it eliminated the stalling and crazy idle for the most part. If i remember right the port was over around the battery, and if your splash guards are off you can find it around the abs control unit. Hopefully this may help you some.