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Strange whining noise from Transmission


September 10, 2012
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Ford Explorer 2006 - XLT
I own an Explorer 2006 4.0L with around 200k miles on it. Since almost 3 weeks i have been facing issues with transmission. Initially, when I will start car in the morning and put the car in D and try to move the car straight away, it won't move easily and will be too much sluggish as if something is keeping it from moving but after driving for 100 meters it would start functioning normally. Whereas if I won't move the car straight away and wait for almost a minute and then put in D then the car will move normally. However, in both the cases after moving for around 20 to 30 kms with alot of stop and go scenario the FAN CLUTCH would engage as if car is heating up. Whereas, the temperature gauge will stay normal. After checking out everything (radiator, fan clutch, water body) including codes from ECM nothing came up so I finally decided to open up the trans.
Trans oil was all messed up (burnt due to too much over heating) but rest of the things were all in good shape except few clutches which I replaced. On complete analysis, I found that the valve inside Transmission pump was stuck and it was causing this thing to happen. I got the valve replaced and after that startup issue and overheating was gone. I was happy that all the issues are resolved but that didn't last for long.
After a week or so while going from the signal stopover, I accelerated the car but it seemed to stall and be sluggish as if trans can't generate enough power for the car to move and while trying to accelerate i started smelling burnt oil. After putting my car on the side of the road, i got down to see that there was too much smoke under the vehicle. On inspection, I found that transmission is leaking and that is causing this smoke. At the same time the spanner indicator popped up. I quickly checked the codes at that time and it was showing P0741 TCC PER/Stuck Off.

After googling I found that this is probably due to Torque Converter going bad so I had no option but to drive slowly back to my place and open up the transmission to check out Torque Converter. It was gone bad as per the testing methods available on internet, so I got a replacement part (used one) and got done with it. Someone advised me to get Transmission pump replaced as well so I got it replaced too.

But even now after doing all this the issue is still there, however not that crazy leaking but at the beginning the car will drive normally but if I stop anywhere and keep the car in D for 30 seconds (during stopover at a signal) or so and then try to move the car it will be sluggish and if I keep pressing the accelerator hard, transmission oil will start leaking. Whereas, if I stop the car and keep the gear on N for no matter how long; the car will not be sluggish or stall.

Also now there is a whining noise, while the car is moving or stationary (D or N). I am at a loss now as what could be the issue because I am fed up of opening and closing the transmission and still not get over with the problem.

Below are the videos for

1 - Leaking transmission oil ()
2 - Whining noise from transmission while Neutral ()

Now, I will need some experts chiming in with their experience and expertise to guide me on what should I do and check next. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Any update on this? I'm having the exact same issue on my 2003.

Any update on this? I'm having the exact same issue on my 2003.
That wasa faulty transmission oil pump.. opened it up and found some sludge inside.. cleaned it up. Replaced the seals and put it up back again.. all good now..

Advise: check everything before you do this procedure; may be this noise you are hearing could b3 some other thing nto related to transmission